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Duyina Coffee Farm

As one of the newest brands coming to the market portraying the diversified coffee types coming out of Ethiopia, Duyina farm produces high yielding premium quality coffees from the southwestern forested area.

Ayehu Coffee Facts

Duyina Coffee Farm, about 30 km from Gemadro was established in 2008. Gemadro which is of high yield premium quality coffee has encouraged the establishment of the Duyina Coffee Farm. Duyina is the name of the village of the plantation site from where the name Duyina Coffee was adopted. The Duyina coffee farm climate and soil is similar to that of Gemadro. This part of Ethiopia is considered to be the home of Coffee arabica. Here one finds the optimum soil and climatic condition which nature seems to have it designed for coffee production.

The farm covers a total of 1,574 ha. of which 1,000 hectares is under coffee plantation, 400 ha. which are hills and gorges remain covered with indigenous forest trees and shrubs.

Diversification of Duyina Coffee Plantation

  • Spices :
    Duyina has a very conducive environment for spice development as a result of which it has started producing black pepper and more types will be added soon.
  • Beekeeping:

    The Duyina coffee plantation produces organic honey from the natural forest that surrounds the coffee plantation.