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Addis Tea

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WushWush and Gumaro Legendary Since 1979.

We, at Ethio Agri-CEFT Plc, take profound pride in that, tea is the flagship product of our company. And rightly so, the largest commercial Tea Plantations in Ethiopia are Ethio Agri-CEFT's Wush-Wush and Gumaro Tea Plantations located in South-western Ethiopia. These plantations are located... 485 and 628 km away (respectively) from Addis Ababa.

Tea Processing and Packaging Factory

The tea Factory located in Addis Ababa is engaged in the final sorting, blending, grading, cup tasting and packing of the premium teas from our farms. Our cup tasting and blending practices ensures that each blend has good or enhanced flavor and body. To this end, the Cup Tasting Laboratory carries out several measurements and determination tests in line with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards and decides on the best blending ratios. No artificial flavoring material is added for the purpose of further enhancing the flavor of tea. Once the processing and packaging is complete and the tea is ready for marketing our premium tea is sold across Ethiopia and in international markets.

Packaging and Market Brands

We produce high quality tea in the form of loose tea and tea bags that are packed for local and international markets.

1. Loose Leaf Tea:- 

PD, PF1 and BP

2. Packed Tea

  • Gumaro Tea: Gumaro Green Label Tea packed in 100 and 50gm packet
  • Wush Wush Tea: Wush Wush Green Label Tea packed in 100 and 50gm packet
  • Addis Gold Label Tea: packed in 100 gm packet
  •  Addis Red Label Tea: packed in 100 gm packet
  • Thyme: packed in 100 gm packet
  • Addis tea and Green tea are packed in 2 gms each and 25 saches in a box.
  • Sweet green tea – packed in tea bags.
  • Thyme – packed in 100 gm packet
  • Chamomile – packed in tea bags
  • Hibiscus – packed in tea bags
  • Moringa – packed in tea bags
  • Sweet green tea – packed in tea bags
  • Cinnamon – packed in tea bags
  • Ginger – packed in tea bags
  • Mint tea – packed in tea bags

Packed in tin and paper roll boxes both for local and export market to cater for all tests. 

Tea Plantation


Located at SNNP, Kaffa Zone, Wush-Wush's tea growing region is blessed with ample rainfall, distributed over nine to ten months in the year; his eliminates the risk of moisture stress.


The land layout ensures sufficient drainage, the mild temperature and high altitude in conjunction with the red brown, well drained and fertile soil, ensures premium high quality tea and productivity.