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Agri-Chemical Trading

Agri-Chemical (Agricultural Inputs) Trading

Agro chemicals play an important role in the economy of our country. The opening of the Agro Chemical Trading Unit of the company in the middle of 2016, aimed to solve the agriculture industry's needs by importing and distributing quality pesticides, fertilizers and vegetable seeds. Our Agro Chemical Trading Unit is driven by market needs and works with known Agro chemical solution providers with R&D capabilities, from across the world. Therefore, the products we distribute are of the best quality, offered at competitive prices and meet the demands of our clients. Our mission is to supply and distribute quality Agro-Chemicals in a timely required and cost competitive way.

Effectively control the spread of diseases and pests.

We protect seeds for future generations.

Our Product Range

The Agro chemical Trading Unit imports and distributes a wide range of pesticides and blended fertilizers based on the need of our clients.

  • A) Pesticides

    We have created legal links with dependable pesticides manufacturers/ formulation companies that manufacture or formulate various types of pesticides. In addition, we process the registration of these pesticides as per the procedure and rule of the country. Our company offers a wide range of pesticides like herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.
    Our newly registered pesticide VERTEX 480 SL (GLYPHOSATE 480 g/l SL)  will help the Ethiopian Coffee Farmers in effectively managing the control of sedges, broad leaves and grasses, respectively.

  • B) Fertilizers

    We primarily import fertilizers on as needed bases and distribute at competitive prices.
    Our fertilizer products include wide range of:-
    1. Macronutrients
    2. Micronutrients