Welcome to Ethio Agri-CEFT Plc

Ethio Agri-CEFT prides itself as being a truly local company with a global vision. This means we take our corporate responsibility seriously and are committed to continued investments in the many communities we call home. This value is central to how we operate and is supported firmly by our founder. We believe by investing in the holistic wellbeing of our communities our workers benefit, lasting ties are formed and communities thrive.

In the past 25 years, we have made investments for philanthropic and development projects in the country. It includes built and upgraded road infrastructure, social & health infrastructure such as hospitals, schools & water facilities at a massive investment of over 130 million Birr.

We have also proudly shared our expertise and connections with local farmers to improve their yields, the quality of their products and access to markets. These investments have been sustained over 15 years and have generated economic impact in the millions of Birr for local producers, tax collectors and economies.

We always take the long-term view when making investment and engagement decisions. Investing in a planned and strategic manner that yields the highest returns for our communities. This means considering financial sustainability along with environmental impact, the potential for job creation, contributing to the tax base and the holistic growth of communities..

Our company engaged in numerous CSR initiative that contribute to the well being of our communities around our farms. Some of these initiatives include:.

School building projects worth more than Birr 30 million.

Infrastructure development projects worth more than Birr 32 million.

Provision of free tea and coffee seedlings every year worth more than Birr 25 million.

Provision of fertilizers worth more than Birr 5 million.

Provision of training for tea and coffee farmers.

Construction of poultry house for youth at Gumaro worth Birr 260,000.

Financial Contribution worth more than Birr 260,000.

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Exercise Book for Students


Kindergarten on Farms


Bridge on Farms


Clinic on All Farms


Access Road on All farms


Pure Water for the Farms and Seroundings


Library on Farms


Primary School on Farms


Medication and Maternity Care on All Farms


Housing for Farm Staffs


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