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Ethio Agri-CEFT PLC, one of the largest private players in the agricultural and agro-processing industries in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, was established in January 1, 1998 under MIDROC Investment Group engaged in the production and processing of various agricultural crops. The company has thirteen farms, one tea processing & packaging factory and Agro-Processing factory. Our farms are located across four states. Our tea processing and packaging factory is located in Addis Ababa while our Agro-Processing factory is located in Gojam, Amhara regional state. The Company has continued to play an important role in realizing the investment group’s developmental goals.


To be one of East Africa's leading institutions in agriculture, agro-processing and related production and service sectors by 2030 in terms of productivity, quality and operation system.


Ethio Agri-CEFT PLC is engaged in agriculture, agro-processing and related sectors. The company employees modern and environmentally friendly growing and processing technologies and increase productivity, quality and profitability by expanding domestic and foreign sales networks.


Good governance, professionalism, competency, productivity, customer focused, corporate social responsibility and social partnership, employees buy-in, efficiency and outcome based, cooperativeness, trust, reward on merits, and branded corporate identity.


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