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Ayehu Coffee Farm

Ayehu presents a unique coffee, being situated outside of the known coffee producing regions of the Oromia and SNNPR. Coming from the fertile highlands of the Amhara Region in north western Ethiopia, it did not take long for Ayehu to make it to the list of the top performing of coffees of premium quality. It displays high potential of the region as one of the main coffee producers. This newest addition to our offerings enriches the experience of our customers to appreciate the diverse quality spectrum that Ethiopia offers to the world.

Ayehu Coffee Facts

Ayehu, the third coffee farm, is located in Western Gojam, Amhara Region about 500 kms from Addis Ababa. 570 hectares is currently under cultivation with a plan expand it to 1,000 hectares in a few years. The coffee, which is exclusively arabica, is considered among the best Ethiopian high land coffee like Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, which are worldwide known for their unique aroma, flavor and good cup quality.

Diversification of Ayehu Coffee Plantation
  • Fruits and Medicinal plants:
    Ayehu has a very conducive environment for fruits and medicinal plants development as a result of which it has started producing mango, moringa and more types will be added soon.
  • Beekeeping:

    The Ayehu coffee farm produces organic honey from the natural forest that surrounds the coffee farm