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Agri-Lake Flower in Bahirdar

Agri-Lake flower, the second flower farm, was established in 2009 in Bahir Dar. The farm utilizes 15 hectares of land which have 12 different varieties of rose flower.

Agri-Lake Facts

State of the art facilities:

Agri-Lake Flower Farm produce high quality roses using modern growing, harvesting, packing and quality assurance practices to meet the highest standards. The farm is served by Ethiopian Airlines air-freight network.

Production and Export:

Agri-Lake Flower farm annual production currently stands at around 21 million stems. Our products have been successfully exported to the European Auction at the Netherlands on a daily basis. We have also exported to other markets throughout the Middle East and Europe.


MPS-Socially Qualified Certified.

Diversification of Agri-Flower Farm

The Agri-Lake Flower farm produces honey with pollen from the various flowers gathered at the far

Agri-Lake Flower farm has a very conducive environment for fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants development as a result of which it has started producing mango, avocado, banana, onion, moringa and more types will be added soon.